Sales Conditions

TERMS AND CONDITIONS OF SALE Object These general conditions have as their object the purchase of products and services, made remotely through internet network on the site “”, belonging to company “NORA PFEIFFER SRL”, registered at Italian Registrar of Companies N° 2023686, VAT CODE 08406150964, with headquarter placed in “Via Cuneo 3, 20149 Milano, (Italy) The law of Dlgs. n ° 185/99 of the Italian Civil Code will govern each purchase and the privacy policy will be governed by the law n° 675/96 of the Italian Civil Code and its subsequent amendments. At the time the order is placed by the buyer, the company will confirm it to the purchaser, through an email. The company Nora Pfeiffer Srl reserves the right not to accept purchase orders compiled in an inconsistent manner or incomplete. The company accepts purchasing orders related to existent products within the limits of the quantities present in their stores. The success of the order is therefore subject to the availability of the products themselves, the company is committed to promptly inform the purchaser of any unforeseen exhaustions stocks due to excess demand or any other causes. Acceptance of the terms and conditions of sale The customer, by sending electronic confirmation of his purchase order, unconditionally accepts these Terms and Conditions of Sale and undertakes to observe them during all his business relationship with the Company. He confirms to have red and accepted all the information provided under the above mentioned rules and also acknowledging that the Company “Nora Pfeiffer Srl” is not bound to different conditions, unless previously written agreement. The company sells its products on the site shop and this activity is exclusively aimed to the retail. Sales service is active both in Italy and abroad. For any further information about orders, shipping, refunds and returns you can contact the company directly through the e-mail Customer's obligations These Terms and Conditions of Sale must be examined on line, by the visitors, before they confirm their purchases. By sending them the order confirmation implies full knowledge of these Terms and Conditions and their full acceptance. Order fulfilment by the company is equivalent to confirmation and acceptance of the same The Customer undertakes, once the online purchase procedure has been completed, to print and conserve these terms and conditions already examined and accepted during the on-line purchasing procedure, in order to fully satisfy the conditions in Art.3 and 4 of Dlgs. n° 185/99 law. Purchaser is forbidden to enter false in the registration procedure able to initiate the process for the implementation of this agreement of sale and further other informations. Personal data and the email should be strictly the one of the purchaser and not of a third person, purchaser also declares that is an adult. Confidentiality Pursuant to art. 13 of Italian Legislative Decree 196/03 "Personal data protection code", the company “NORA PFEIFFER SRL”, registered at the Italian Registrar of Companies N° 2023686, VAT CODE 08406150964, with headquarter placed in “Via Cuneo 3, 20149 Milano, (Italy) states that the data with which it is provided, qualified as personal by legislation, will be processed as described below: 1. Objectives and methods of processing for which the data is intended: The data will be processed in relation to contractual requirements, and the consequent legal or contractual requirements arising from the same and to enable efficient management of business relations (establishment of commercial relationships, fulfilment of administrative and accounting obligations such as the management of contracts and commercial transactions, sales invoicing, debt recovery, historical archiving). The data will be collected, stored and processed on paper, computer or via telematic means in such a way as to ensure its security and confidentiality. The data will be processed for the entire duration of the contractual relationship established and also subsequently for the fulfilment of all the legal requirements as well as for future commercial purposes. 2. Compulsory or optional nature of the conferment and consequences of refusal to consent. The confirm of data is mandatory for all that is required by legal or contractual obligations and therefore the refusal to provide it or upon subsequent processing will determine the impossibility of the undersigned to continue the same contractual relationships. The failure to provide, on the other hand, all the data that is not related to legal or contractual obligations will be assessed from time to time, by the undersigned and will determine the consequent decisions relating to the importance of the requested data with respect to management of the business relationship. 3. Objects that may acquire the data. Without prejudice to the communications and distribution performed in execution of the obligations of legislation, the data may be communicated in Italy to : - third parties that may carry out services for the Nora Pfeiffer S.r.L. company - banks and credit institutions, non-bank financial intermediaries and insurance companies - entrepreneurial and business associations. 4. Under the rights referred to in this Conditions of Sales in relation to your data, you may exercise the rights provided by art. 7 of Legislative Decree 196 subject to the limits and conditions provided for in articles 8, 9 and 10 of the stated legislative decree. 5. The Data holder and Data Handler is company “NORA PFEIFFER SRL”, registered at Registrar of Companies N° 2023686, P.IVA 08406150964, with headquarter placed in Via Cuneo 3, 20149 Milano, (Italy) Consent of the interested party I acknowledge the information received pursuant to art. 13 of Legislative Decree 196/03 and, hereby, give my consent to the processing and communication of my data qualified as personal according to the stated legislation within the limits, for the purposes and for the duration specified in the information, aware that refusal, even only for one of the purposes indicated, will impede company “NORA PFEIFFER SRL”, registered at Registrar of Companies N° 2023686, VAT CODE 08406150964, with headquarter placed in “Via Cuneo 3, 20149 Milano, (Italy) from providing services or supplies. Time and method of delivery The Nora Pfeiffer Company provides to the delivery to the purchaser, to the place indicated by the latter, by courier, of the products selected and ordered by the same at the costs indicated in this General Conditions of Sales. Delivery will take place within the time limit of 10 working days from the date of payment of the purchase order. In the event of non-payment, the order will not be dispatched. The delivery will in any case be deemed made upon expiry of the 30th day from confirmation by the Nora Pfeiffer company of the purchase order, unless otherwise communicated, that the purchaser should send within 5 days from that date to the Nora Pfeiffer company, by registered mail with return receipt. Reporting of defects Where the purchaser discovers any damage to the product, or a discrepancy in the number of packages, this must be immediately contested by affixing a written subject to control on the courier's proof of delivery. Once the courier's document has been signed, the purchaser may not raise any dispute concerning the external characteristics of the delivered item(s). Any problems associated with the physical integrity, the correspondence, or the completeness of the products received must be reported within 10 (ten) days of the delivery by registered delivery with return receipt indicating the purchase order number, the tax documentation and banking coordinates to company “NORA PFEIFFER SRL”, registered at Registrar of Companies N° 2023686, P.IVA 08406150964, with headquarter placed in “Via Cuneo 3, 20149 Milano, (Italy). In the event of non or delayed complaint the purchaser may in no way return the products received. The purchaser is obliged to return the damaged or deteriorated products to the headquarters of company “Nora Pfeiffer Srl”, registered at Registrar of Companies N° 2023686, VAT CODE 08406150964, with headquarter placed in Via Cuneo 3, 20149 Milano, (Italy), within 10 days, attaching the original dispatch envelope, with prior written permission of the Nora Pfeiffer company. The postage for the return to the Nora Pfeiffer Company of the products referred to in the preceding paragraph will be reimbursed to the purchaser via bank transfer. The Nora Pfeiffer Company will replace the defective products returned by the purchaser. In the case where, for any reason, the Nora Pfeiffer Company is not able to replace the product, it may, at its own discretion, refund the entire amount paid or replace it with a product with the same or greater characteristics. Guarantee The products sold on the site “”, are covered by the conventional guarantee of the manufacturer and, for the final consumers only, the legal guarantee of 24 months for conformity defects pursuant to arts. 128 et seq.. Italian legislative decree no. 206/2005. This guarantee is reserved to the Consumer natural person that acts for purposes unrelated to the business or professional activities carried out. In the case of conformity defects, the Nora Pfeiffer Company provides for restoration of the conformity of the product through repair/replacement or price reduction, up until termination of the contract. In the case where, for whatever reason, it is not able to return to its customer a product under guarantee (restored or replaced) the Nora Pfeiffer Company can, at its own discretion, refund the entire amount paid or replace it with a product with the same or greater characteristics. In cases where the application of the guarantee provides for the return of the product, the item must be returned, by the purchaser, in its original packaging, complete in all its parts. The guarantee is not valid if the product has been tampered with by unauthorised personnel, if the defects were caused by negligence or misuse by the purchaser, wilful misconduct, transportation, knocks, drops, humidity, or other causes not depending on manufacturing or production defects. Entitle to withdraw. The purchases made on site are governed by Italian law concerning the on-line sales. If the customer wants to renounce to the purchase made he is, within 10 days from the date of delivery, entitled to withdraw, therefore the possibility to return the product without applying any penalty and without giving any reason. The Company accepts the return of any item, provided it is in perfect conditions, refunding the full amount (excluding packaging, customs and shipping fees, as provisions by Italian Law). To entitle to withdraw the customer must send the purchased items intact in all their parts. The company Nora Pfeiffer must receive them within 30 working days from the delivery to the customer. To entitle to withdraw products must not be used, worn, washed or damaged and they also must be intact in all their parts including any identification tags applied on them. Products must be returned in their original packaging. If the box used for shipping is irreparably damaged, the customer can use an equivalent box in size and strength. Returns must be carried out in a single shipment by filling in the form you can download in your reserved area. The return must be addressed to: Nora Pfeiffer Srl Via Cuneo 3, 20149 Milano, (Italy) Shipping Cost Table Italy: For the purchase of a single product: a contribution of 1,90 euro to the shipping fee. Two or more products: shipping is free. Foreign countries: Area 1 – Weight kg 0.00/0.50: 9,00 Euro / Weight kg 0.50 /1.00: 12,00 Euro Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Croatia, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Isle of Man, Latvia, Lithuania, Malta, Luxembourg, Monaco, Netherlands, Portugal, Poland, UK, Czech Republic, Romania, Spain, Slovakia , Slovenia, Sweden, Hungary. For others World Regions please ask directly at to know about the expedition costs. Promotions and gifts Any Promotions proposed by the Nora Pfeiffer Company are valid until stocks of the Products are exhausted and within the limits of purchase stated on the Site. Promotional products should be delivered in promotional packages, different from those published on the web site. The offer of any free Products is valid until stocks are exhausted. No replacement or return is possible in relation to any products received for free by the purchaser. Liability In the event of non-delivery of the products by the Nora Pfeiffer Company, the purchaser is only entitled to the full reimbursement of the sums paid. The Nora Pfeiffer Company assumes no responsibility for disruption due to reasons of force majeure of any nature and kind where it has not been able to fulfil the order in the times agreed under the contract. The following are causes of force majeure, but not limited to accidents, explosions, fires, strikes and/or lockouts, earthquakes, floods and other similar events, as well as Public Authority measures, the strike of its own employees or of the carriers that the Nora Pfeiffer Company uses, as well as every other circumstance which is outside the control of the latter. Except as provided for in art. 8 of the E.U. Directive 97/7 and in art. 56 Legislative Decree 206/2005, the Nora Pfeiffer Company assumes no responsibility for the fraudulent use that may be made by a third party of credit card data provided by the purchaser. Methods of payment and Invoicing The purchaser will pay for the products ordered in the following way: credit card. We accept the principal credit card. With regard to the mode of payment by credit card, by completing the space provided on the site, the purchaser authorises the Nora Pfeiffer Company to use their credit card and to debit from the purchaser the amount of expenditure incurred. The payment will be inclusive of the costs the shipping, where provided, to be borne by the purchaser, according to the details of the offer published within the site The purchaser undertakes to carefully check the data entered at the time of the order as this will be used in the accounting records. Payment will be inclusive of the costs for the shipping at the expense of the buyer, according to the details of the offer published within the site Termination of the contract and Termination Clause The obligations assumed by the customer pursuant to art. “Customer’s obligations”, as well as the guarantee of success of the payment that the customer must make, are essential in character, such that by express agreement, the non compliance by the purchaser of only one of the stated obligations will determine termination[E1] by law of the contract former art.1456 italian civil code, without the need for court decision, without prejudice to the right of the Nora Pfeiffer Company to sue for compensation for further damage. Security The Nora Pfeiffer Company undertakes to use a secure mode of transmission of data and documents, using the electronic identification of the terminal of the User sender, encrypting the data in transit through the use of appropriate line protected by a 128-bit encryption system. Security systems adopted for credit card transactions: SSL protocol (Secure Socket Layer). Changes The Nora Pfeiffer Company reserves the right to change the present General Terms and Conditions at any time, publishing on the site the version updated from time to time any new terms will be effective for purchases made after the change was made. Applicable law Italian Law governs this contract. The present general conditions are reported, as they are not expressly provided therein, with the conjunction of Legislative Decree 50/92 and Legislative Decree 206/05. Jurisdiction Any dispute concerning the implementation, execution or interpretation of this contract entered into online via the site is subjected to Italian jurisdiction. For disputes between the Parties in relation to this contract, the Court of the place of residence or domicile of the purchaser is competent if located in Italy. If the residence or the domicile of the purchaser is not located in Italy, the place of jurisdiction is Milano, Italy.